1st Period Play-by-Play

  SUNY Oneonta vs. SUNY Potsdam
  Date: 10/28/17  • Site: Potsdam, N.Y.

1st Period Play-by-Play
 End of period [45:00].
[44:40]  Shot by POTWSO17 Olivia Seamans BLOCKED.
[38:13]  Shot by POTWSO17 Shea Frady, SAVE Melissa Muller.
[33:48]  POTWSO17 substitution: Shea Frady for Amber Hyatt.
 *off a rebound in front of the goal
SUNY Oneonta 1, SUNY Potsdam 1
[32:25]  GOAL by ONEWS Micaela Honsinger, goal number 4 for season.
[32:25]  Shot by ONEWS Jennifer Kinsley HIT CROSSBAR.
 Corner kick by ONEWS Abby Ousouljoglou [32:19].
[31:16]  Shot by ONEWS Laura Rolston WIDE.
 Foul on SUNY Oneonta.
[29:15]  Header Shot by POTWSO17 Brooke Falsion HIGH.
 Corner kick by POTWSO17 Rylie Murray [29:08].
[28:34]  Shot by POTWSO17 Olivia Seamans, SAVE Melissa Muller.
[25:44]  ONEWS substitution: Kennedy Cocozzo for Christina Kornfeld.
[25:44]  POTWSO17 substitution: Olivia Seamans for Sarah Erno.
[24:11]  ONEWS substitution: Abby Ousouljoglou for Nicole Donadio.
[24:11]  ONEWS substitution: Kayla Belush for Jess Downin.
[24:11]  ONEWS substitution: Micaela Honsinger for Rachel Berk.
[24:11]  ONEWS substitution: Mykayla Ryder for Julie Steinhauer.
[21:59]  POTWSO17 substitution: Amber Hyatt for Rachael Venne.
[21:59]  POTWSO17 substitution: Jaci Morr for Lexi Dean.
 *dribbled right side of box, sent in front, 10 shot top right corner
SUNY Potsdam 1, SUNY Oneonta 0
[20:16]  GOAL by POTWSO17 Lexi Dean (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Brooke Falsion, goal number 8 for season.
[19:26]  ONEWS substitution: Morgan Downin for Amanda Roney.
 Corner kick by POTWSO17 Rylie Murray [17:47].
 Corner kick by ONEWS Emily Opalinski [16:17].
[13:53]  Shot by ONEWS Julie Steinhauer HIGH.
[09:01]  Shot by ONEWS Rachel Berk, SAVE Delphine Leonard.
 Foul on SUNY Potsdam.
 Foul on SUNY Potsdam.
[00:00]  Delphine Leonard at goalie for SUNY Potsdam.
[00:00]  Melissa Muller at goalie for SUNY Oneonta.